EcoMetal company

EcoMetal company , is a Dubai based Metal trading company specialised in trading metals recycled from scrap, which are more cost effective and better alternative that metal directly produced from raw material.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of scrap recycling market , with the support of our re-processing partners we can source, process and and package nearly all types of metals in the most environmentally sound, efficient and economical manner possible.

We form an integral link between the scrap collectors, processors, recyclers, and manufacturing industries; thus completing the circle of Recycling.

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Processing of all type of Metal Scrap

  • Ecometal can processes all types of scrap metal to create commodities, resources, and raw materials for new production (ferrous and non-ferrous metal).
  • Our global network helps us also to reduce the logistic cost and environmental footprint by always choosing the nearest processing facility.
  • Our close relationship with ISO 9002 certified producers combined with a high level of technical expertise insures that our high quality materials meet ASTM standards.

Trading of all type of ferrous and non-ferrous secondary metal

If you are an industry and you are looking for cost effective and environmental sounds metals please feel free to contact us with your need

We are trading the below metals on day-to-day basis